Autumnal Saturday thoughts

For me, Autumn is all about winding down and seasonal activities, cooking, nourishing and enjoying being outside.

I love the season of long walks crunching leaves, pumpkin pie and Trick or Treating, lighting fires and cosying up, changing light and chilly mornings, pork crackling with swede and carrot mash, wrapping up with wellies and scarfs.

We’ve enjoyed the odd seasonal craft, despite my four year old’s ‘feedback’ about my pumpkin face (who knew a missing nose could cause such drama), and whiled away an afternoon leaf collecting, arranging and gluing (who knew it could be so much fun). And, yes, the feeling of being a virtuous mother deserves a little blog brag.

Seasonal cooking might be another marker of early middle-age, but my attempts have been stewing along nicely (ha!). The quest for the perfect pork crackling is looking like a bit of a journey, but consider fish pie, pumpkin pie and swede and carrot mash nailed!

I’ve strewn my home with leafs and conkers, bought countless candles and put cushions and blankets in every nook in an effort to achieve some sort of seasonal decorating cachet. My home looks like a cross between a woodman’s cottage and the John Lewis haberdashery department. Hygge here I come.

The slide into winter may be quick and unforgiving (minus 2 tomorrow evening I’m reliably informed by my mum), so I’m enjoying autumn while it lasts.

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